My Dear Diary…

by Niki Kefala

Martina Manolcheva, is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in Bulgaria. Her obsession with fashion made her to create her blog, Marta’s Fashion Diary. She is one of my favorites and below you will find out why. Thank you for the interview Martina!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

I’m Martina, I’m 23 years old and I live in Bulgaria. I just graduated from the university in Sofia, I studied journalism, and now I’m working on my blog and my website

Why did you make your own blog

I’ve always been passionate about fashion, photography and writing, so in 2011 I’ve decided to create my blog, where I can share my ideas, my outfits and style. My blog is the place where I share my passions with other people around the world who like the same things as I do.

Why someone to visit your blog?

People who like my style, and the fashion I’m showing, would be attracted to the site- it’s a personal blog we are talking about, it might not be everybody’s taste. But, I’m always true to my readers and I share what I really like.

Your best and worst fashion choice ever was….?

With the years I developed my style and I found what looks good on me and what not. When I was younger I used to put too much details sometimes and I also wore every fashion trend, even if it doesn’t look good on me. Now, I only wear what’s in my style and clothes in which I feel confident. This look is one of my favorite from this summer I love combining fancy pieces like this sequin skirt with basic t-shirts and pretty shoes.


Style is to you…

Style is something that you were born with. I believe that, your clothes are reflection of your thoughts, what you like and who you are.