Patriots Day (2017)

by Niki Kefala

Peter Berg’s “Patriots Day” is an efficient and intense movie that stays within its limits without ever forgetting the weight of what is being narrated. It is a thrilling telling of a tragic event, brought marvelously to life through an excellent cast, skilled direction, and a well-structured script. Watching it is an upsetting experience, but also a necessary act of recognition for the people involved and the lives that changed.

The Boston Marathon, a subject that could have easily been mishandled, in this movie it works so well and hits so emotionally hard because is focusing on the characters. True stories have been around on the big screen for a very long time and this one does an impeccable job in capturing the essence of the story.


One thought on “Patriots Day (2017)

  1. I’m yet to see this film as I missed it when it was in the cinema, but it sounds well worth a watch and I’m sure it’ll bring a little tear to the eye.

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