Desire for vampy lips

by Niki Kefala

Ok, we know that red is classic and, of course, timeless, but this season brings the desire for vampy lips. Also known as the gothic look, which can be attributed to the ‘80s and ‘90s grunge scene — and its 2016 resurgence — but way chicer  and more wearable. From deep red with hints of bordeaux and berry or aubergine with a little bit of  black, there is a color for anyone who loves that trend.


Vampy Lip Tips:

1.  First, apply a lip primer to hydrate lips and lock down color to avoid messy edges.

2.  Next, line and fill in the lips with a lip liner to add the depth and dimension required for this look.

3.  Now, it’s time for lip color. There are a lot of options so choose your favorite.

4.  This look is all about precision, so a little clean-up may be necessary. Simply use a cotton swab around the lip, and then use concealer with a brush or another cotton swab to create a crisp, clean definition.









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