Why bread is good for your silhouette!

by Niki Kefala

Bread provides over 10% of the calcium in our diet. You may have heard potential benefits of low-carbohydrate diets and some reasons to avoid bread, but bread products can be the foundation of a healthy, low-fat diet. They provide essential nutrients, and can be a satisfying component of any meal. Choose whole-grain or enriched bread products, and avoid those with added sugars or saturated fats.

1: Fibre

We need to eat more fibre. Bread contains fibre



Calcium helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. 

3: Folate

Folate is needed for the formation of healthy red blood cells. It occurs naturally in wheat and flour



4: Iron

Iron is needed to transport oxygen round the body. Most young women do not eat enough iron, therefore most young women should probably eat more bread.

5: It’s low in sugar, salt and fat

Bread is low in sugar, salt and fat.

6: It’s everywhere

It’s sold in supermarkets, bakeries, local shops, petrol stations, train stations. You can even freeze it.

7: You can eat it how you like it

You can toast it, fry it, crumb it; eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, or for a midnight snack. There is a bread-centric meal for anyone and everyone: beans on toast, Welsh rarebit, egg and soldiers, croquet monsieur, croutons, bread and honey …. you name it!



 8: It tastes great

On its own; slathered in butter; hidden under beans or scrambled eggs; torn into salad…

9: What to choose?

Sliced white, wholemeal, sourdough, flatbread, brioche, focaccia, bara brith, fruit loaf … the list goes on (and on). There are over 200 types of bread available and the choice is yours!


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