Argan Oil: A Miracle from Morocco

by Niki Kefala

I discovered Argan oil few months ago and it is amazing! I use it for better looking hair but this treatment from Morocco is also very beneficial for our health.

A Moroccan Wonder

For generations, native women of the Argan Forest in Morocco have pressed the nut to extract this precious oil, to use as a dietary supplement, for wound healing, and to nourish skin and hair. One of the main reasons that Argan oil is so healing, is that it is rich with vitamins A and E. However, Argan oil is also packed with antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid.

Argan oil chocolate brownie

Healthy Skin and Luscious Hair

The antioxidants in Argan oil are generally beneficial for healing skin which is irritated, cracked, damaged or even burned. After cleansing your skin apply the oil to your face and neck and you will see a miracle.

The vitamins A and E can help to reduce fine wrinkles and keep your skin moisturised and also say goodbye to acne. Moreover, Argan oil is an effective treatment to soothe and heal for men after shaving, as well as women for their legs and bikini line. And if you complexion is very dry, then this oil from heaven will save you. Believe me…

As I already mentioned, Argan oil it is also great for hair because helps to tame frizz and make strands look shiny. As for your lips and nails? Argan oil it makes for a wonderful lip treatment. This will not only heal any cracked lips or bad nails, but also keep them soft, smooth and conditioned.


Pregnant and Glowing

Stretch marks are an issue for many pregnant women, but don’t worry as the Argan oil is the ideal protection against stretch marks after birth, because increases the elasticity of skin due to its vitamin E content. I don’t think that you need more reasons to try this amazing oil.



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