And Our Superfood of The Week Goes To… Sesame Seeds

by Niki Kefala

Sesame seeds are extremely good for our health, here we explore why and offer a top tip at getting more in to your diet

Do you need a sweet delicacy that is also healthy? Halva could be your choice and you can found it available in many tasty flavours such as vanilla, cocoa and with almonds. Is a traditional sweet found in the Middle East and Greece and is typically made with a mix of honey, sesame seeds paste called tahini and sugar. Although it’s generally high in fat – the most important is that does not contain trans fat or cholesterol – sesame has been known for a long time as a healthy food because is rich with high-quality proteins, fats, calcium, iron (perfect food for those with anemia), vitamin B1, B2 and E that prevents premature aging. If you want more reasons to eat halva, you should probably know that…

Halva cacao
Sesame sweet potato
Sesame cake


  1. Sesame can replenish the energy of the body and can increase muscle strength. That is why Hollywood actress Kate Hudson use it in her diet.
  2. It is a good source of minerals such as phosphorus, copper (prevents arthritis and strengthens bones) and magnesium (helps lower blood pressure) and contains carbohydrates and proteins.
  3. Sesame is naturally antibacterial for skin pathogens such as staphylococcus.
  4. Studies have been shown that sesame can prevent diabetes.
  5. It is good for digestion because of the high fiber content of sesame seeds.
  6. Sesame contains folic acid that is essential for DNA synthesis.
  7. Protects the body against certain types of cancer like skin and colon cancer because of the anti-cancer compounds like phytosterol. Especially for skin, sesame contains zinc that helps produce collagen and is full of nutrients which are needed for healthy hair.

Because, as already mentioned, halva is high in fat (a serving of halva contains a total of 478 calories), doesn’t mean you can’t eat it, just that you should enjoy it only occasionally and in moderation.  Oh and also, just look at them…



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