Nine Foods to Fight Cellulite

by Niki Kefala

Ok, I know that the summer is still here, but cellulite is a problem for many women around the world all the time of the year.

There are some foods that helps us to say goodbye to cellulite and we can put them on our diet so the next summer to have a perfect body-cellulite free:

1. I need water

One important factor in the appearance of cellulite is hydration. It is important to drink water throughout the day. Moreover one great food for staying hydrated is cucumbers, which are usually 90% water.

2. A glass of red wine please!

Red wine contains resveratrol, that have anti-aging benefits. Also slows the release of insulin, keeping your sugar levels balanced. Controlling your insulin levels is a major influence on the development and appearance of cellulite.

3. Sardines in my plate

Sardines and other fatty fish are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Enjoying fish can combat the estrogen you get through your daily diet.

4. Lemons for great legs!

Enjoy lemons on your food every day. Citrus fruit can also clean out your liver, which can lower your estrogen levels. This will help keep your legs perfect.


5.Are you nuts?

Nuts are high in plant sterols include peanuts, almonds and walnuts that helps you avoid cellulite. Of course eat them with moderation because you don’t want to treat cellulite and to be fatter that you used to be. Hole grains are also high in plant sterols. The types with the highest amounts of plant sterols include wheat germ, whole wheat and brown rice.

6. Onions for flavor

Onion and garlic are widely known for their medicinal effects as they reducing your insulin levels.

7. Tea time

 Green tea contains amazing antioxidants which can help keep your body healthy, preventing cellulite before it starts. Also chamomile tea is a great stress buster. The chemicals released when you’re under stress can have a physical effect on your body.

8. Sweet like cherries

Cherries are a great food for keeping your insulin levels under control. Some other low glycemic index fruits include apples, pears, and peaches.

9. Avocado and bye bye cellulite

Avocado is the perfect food for balancing insulin levels as is full with potassium, keeping your cellulite away.

Avocado Chocolate Cake
Delicious slice of avocado chocolate cake


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