From India with love

by Niki Kefala

Garima Nag is a fashion designer that wants to travel in every little corner of the world. Her blog is in the list of the top Indian blogs and let’s find why… Thank you for the interview Garima!

  1. How did you decide to make your own blog?

Hi, I am Garima Nag, Founder & owner of I am a fashion designer by profession. Blogging started as an extension to my creativity. I started it as a personal blog sharing short fictions & articles on social issues. After a while, I realized that my true calling was travel & style. That’s when I started blogging my travel & lifestyle stories.

My blog covers a wide range of topics like travel, style, health, parenting & review. I try to keep the style simple & interesting. I regularly feature guest bloggers from all over the world. It gives a nice mix of topics to read & enhances the reader’s experience.




  1. Your best and worst fashion choice ever was…

Fashion for me is an extension of myself. The way one dresses up speaks volumes about the person. My personal style is fun, chic yet classy. I like to experiment with colors, patterns & silhouettes. As Indian women are blessed with curves, I like to pick outfits that enhances the curve. A-line, Bodycons & straight fits works best for my body. Though, I am open to experiment always :).

By far, I haven’t had any fashion faux pas as such but with time I have learnt that muted and earthy hues don’t work  for me. I need to mix & match with a bright or neutral color to set the tone right. Same goes with pattern & prints. I avoid wearing all over prints. I balance them with solid color accessories which could be a scarf, shrug, hand bag or a statement neck piece.


  1. How it feels to be one of the most popular Indian blogger?

My blog ‘’ was listed among the top Indian blogs from the very first year of its conception. Since then, it has been constantly listed among the best blogs. My articles has also been featured on The huffington Post & I was featured on Google+ & Expedia Uk blog as an travel blogger expert. I regularly contribute to many online generals.  It feels great when your work get recognition.

Being a popular blogger has helped me to reach more people. It is a great way to share your ideas and influence people in a positive way. Popularity also helps you at professional front. International brands, fashion houses & companies approach you to promote their product & services. However, It is paramount to always provide honest & useful information to your followers & readers.

  1. You would like to travel in…. because…

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

Travelling is my first love. I am a compulsive traveller. When you explore a new place, you not only learn about its geography but about the people living there. You learn about their glorious history, life & struggles. Travel is inspirational. I think everyone must take time out to travel & experience life up, close & personal.

I would like to travel every corner of this beautiful planet. I think it is the only way to know about the world, connect with the people, learn what is life all about. The experiences you gain from travelling give you a different perspective for life.



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