9 healthy tips for a flat belly

by Niki Kefala

It’s summer season, and sometimes our belly feels so swollen. But, there are some tips that will help you feel and look great and get you closer to a flat belly, because crop tops are still in fashion!



Bye bye salt

Salty snacks and processed foods contain salt that is responsible for fluid retention in your body. All this makes you feel swollen. Use salt in moderation and you will see miracles.

Eat before you are very hungry

If you eat when you are very hungry then your body, immediately, stores the meal as fat. If you have missed meals, eat a small snack (crackers, biscuit) 10-15 minutes prior your main meal.

I love my fruits

Ok, we love orange juices but since the juice lacks fiber, it is better to consume the whole fruit. Three to four fruits every day is a good amount  that will lead you closer to a flat belly.


Happy eggs

Researchers have found that people who consume two eggs at breakfast, reduce waist circumference, more than those who doesn’t. So, add an egg (perfectly boiled) on your diet, but do not consume more than 7-8 weekly.

Simple is the best

Simple meals full with protein like chicken or fish, and carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta and rice, are your better choice. Also keep your salad simple and instead of sauces, put vinegar, lemon and herbs.

Laugh, my dear

The laughter is a very stimulating exercise for your abdominal muscles, while is the best medicine for your immune system. And the best of all, it’s free!


No beer for me!

If you cannot resist, opt for a beer without alcohol. Alcohol consumption can be one of the strongest deterrents on the road to a healthy flat belly, so better to sip on calorie-free and flat belly friendly, water.

Relax and also exercise

For having flatter belly, you must rest. The too much work or fatigue create increased secretion of adrenaline, dehydration, non-utilization of calories from your meals, thus creating fat. As for the exercise, the ideal is to combine aerobic with strengthening exercises (like pilates), because is the better way to burn more fat.


The experts say you should consume 25 gram of fiber daily. So you must put on your diet whole grain foods and fibre-rich vegetables.



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