How to use the blue color in your wardrobe

by Niki Kefala

The colors are essential to our style. If you know how to combine them, then you know how to dress in style. Today let’s talk about blue and nothing will make you blue again! This color looks great in blondes and makes brunettes more mysterious.


Reminds me of 

The sea, the sky, boys

Combine it with

Navy blue: for classic outfits

Baby blue: bebe, romantic dresses

Turquoise: ethnic, vacations in style

Put on your wardrobe 

A navy blue jacket, a dark blue bag, a turquoise necklace, a blue peacoat

Στα μπλε!

Μου θυμίζει

Την θάλασσα, τον ουρανό, τα μωρά

Συνδυάστε το με

Τιρκουάζ, γαλάζιο, μπλε του ζαφειριού, οινοπνευματί

Βάλε στην ντουλάπα σου

Ένα τυρκουάζ κολιέ, μια σκούρη μπλε τσάντα, ένα σακάκι




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