Like Rachel Green did!

by Niki Kefala

Juleigh is an actor and director and she have appeared in 3 different TV shows. Her love for fashion and style made her to create her personal blog. Rachel Green from “Friends” was her inspiration, Vogue is her bible and Starbucks is her church. Thanks for the interview, Juleigh!

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Juleigh Newmar, I was named after one of the first cat women and pin up queen and actress – Julie Newmar. I have a degree in acting and directing, I’ve appeared in 3 different TV shows. I love visiting cities, Toronto, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris and I have NYC in August!. I work as a full time merchandiser – making handbags and shoes displays pretty. Vogue is my bible and Starbucks is my church. I’m addicted to coffee! 


Why did you decide to create your own blog ?

I started making displays and posted them on Instagram. I’d write up about the products and clothes I’d style in the captions when a friend said, start a blog! So I did and I’m having so much fun! I love writing whether it’s scripts, reviews or lists of what to do! I’d have love to have taken journalism as a career but I enjoyed acting so much and took that route. I might look into it though! It’s never too late!

Style is to you…

Style is personality to me, character. You can tell a lot from a person by the way they dress and I admire that more than anything. It took me a long time to find who I was and be happy. I love dressing up every day even if I’m just lazing around the house I’ll dress up. Style shows you know what you’re doing and you know who you are. It’s personal. Make a statement. That’s how they’ll remember you. 


Your best and worst fashion choice ever was…

My best fashion choice was when I found myself and my style. What I felt amazing and comfortable in. A pair of black skinny jeans, a black shirt tucked in and a leather jacket with point shoes. You will always see me in a shirt tucked into my jeans or my trousers.

My worst fashion choice was when I was young and didn’t care how I looked. I remember one look.. I found in a photo.. And hated.. Was a red pill over Nike jacket with Adidas tracksuit bottoms and horrible Reebok trainers. I’m glad I was inspired young watching Rachel Green in “Friends” work for Ralph Lauren. That’s when I fell for fashion and I fell in love with Ralph Lauren. My whole life changed!   


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