Once upon a hat…

by Niki Kefala

Every hat tells a story. Bella Bow Bella designer Rebecca Jeal has created a unique range of affordable handcrafted hats and headdresses. You can find her creations that are made for every type of women in http://www.bellabowbella.co.uk/. Thank you for the interview Becky!

Tell us about your brand?

BellaBowBella hats are created to be worn for any occasion they range from the classic beret to full on mother of the bride extravaganza. My initial foray into millinery came after I was made redundant in 2014 when I dabbled with hand made felt pill box and beret styles. I now work with all styles and materials and am always happy to create bespoke orders.

photo 1photophoto (1)

What inspires you the most?

I love the glamour of the forties and fifties when headwear was a day to day wardrobe staple. My all time favourite work is that of Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli and her collaborative work with world famous artists such as Salvadore Dali.
I studied art and sculpture in my forties and am drawn to sweeping structures and embellishments that complement face shape ,outfit and occasion.
I find constant inspiration from nature … colour and form … feathers and florals.


Which celebrity would you like to see wearing your hats?

My hats are a celebration of every woman that wears one … But to pick a celebrity to design for I would choose The Honourable  Daphne Guinness … I adore her iconic style and magical elegance and would love to design for her . Her best friend the late Isabella Blow will forever be a legend in the world of fashion and whose work I aspire to.


Daphne Guinness

Your creations are made for what type of women?

Every woman deserves to be beautiful ….  I hope that my hats are for every woman …

photo (2)photo (3)image

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