Style of blonde

by Niki Kefala

Verena is a German girl that always loved fashion. So she create her own blog to share her passion with her readers. She doesn’t runs after every single trend that seems to be cool because the judge of her style is only herself. Thank you for the interview Verena!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

I’m Verena, a twenty years old from Leipzig, Germany but originally I am from the South of Germany. I’m a full time student, but with it I do this little blog thing and of course I work to afford some more clothes. I seriously have a problem about shoes and bags 😀

I started blogging when I was 16. My main topic is fashion, but I also love lots of other things than fashion, for example traveling, etc.

Why did you create your own blog

Actually, there was no reason why I started the blog. I love fashion since I was 11 or 12 years old and a place where I could share my passion seemed pretty cool. So you see I thought about my own blog years before I really started blogging. I read so many blogs and thought it was a really nice thing. Then, when I was sixteen, my family moved and at my new school I found some friends, that were blogging and I just thought‚ Hey, why shouldn’t I give it a try and that was the actually reason why I created my blog.



Style is to you…?

Style is not only about trends and all that stuff. I think it’s stupid to run after every single trend that seems to be cool. For me, style is about being your own and showing your individuality. The good thing about it is that you can do what you want. There are no rules you have to obey and whatever you do it is fine, because you are the only person that can be the judge about it and actually it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.



Your best and worst fashion choice ever was…?

Actually I don’t regret my choices because as I said you’re the only one who can judge your style and for me everything seemed right at that certain time. But I have to admit that when I was in primary school I wore joggers nearly everyday, but I was a child and I wanted to feel comfy so in the end, I guess, I don’t regret anything.

And my best fashion choice is really difficult… I love designer bags but as a student I don’t have the money to afford a Chanel bag or something like this. But I got two bags by Michael Kors and the Mini MAC by Rebecca Minkoff. I think that these three bags are an essential to my wardrobe. I can wear them with any outfit. Oh and I own a pair of heels by Zara, that are my favorite shoes, I love them so much. They’re really simple and black, but have three little transparent parts.

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