What Is Mastiha And Why Can’t Celebs Get Enough Of It?

by Niki Kefala

You’re definitely going to want to stock up on mastiha…

I always remember my grandmother, when I visited her, to welcome me with a white and sweet delicacy that it is called vanilla submarine. This famous spoon sweet in Greece is actually made from mastic resin which is cultivated only on the Aegean Island of Chios and it is very tasty. This deliciously thick sweet is made by beating mastic resin with sugar. It is then placed on a spoon and dipped in to water. It becomes harder when placed in the cold water and so licked off the spoon like a lollipop. Gradually, as the water warms the mixture softens and can be eaten like ice cream. The choice is yours!

vanilia glass

Mastic or Mastiha is basically resin from the mastiha trees. Chios mastiha has many benefits for our health. Would you like to know how many?

In the mouth, using oral mastic products such as toothpaste and chewing gum can help prevent tooth decay, whitening your teeth and strengthens the gums. Also contains a fragrant oil which could freshen the breath- for as many kisses as you want. Now you know the secret for perfect teeth from Hollywood stars like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Historically there have been many references about the healing qualities of mastiha. One of the most important findings is that mastiha can work against Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria in the stomach, considered the main cause for gastric ulcers. Mastic has also antioxidant activity against several bacterial and fungal pathogens and might help reduce stomach acid and may protect the lining of the stomach and intestine.

And what about wrinkles? As already mentioned mastiha has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial effects and give you a skin with a healthy and very attractive appearance. So grab your spoon and vanilla submarine will do the rest!

mastiha buns
Mastiha buns
chocolate cake with mastiha
Chocolate cake with mastiha

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