Happy Go Lucky Vegan

by Niki Kefala

For Lauren to be vegan is a way of life. Her famous recipes are served to all of us in one happy table. Let’s taste them. Thank you for the interview Lauren!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

Hi there! My name is Lauren and I’m the blogger behind One Happy Table: Vegan Food for the Whole Family (www.onehappytable.com). I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA, am married and have three children ages 9, 7 and 5.

Why did you create your own blog?

I haven’t always loved to cook. But when I decided to go vegan 12 years ago, I relished the opportunity to learn how to cook plant-based meals. It was a new challenge for me that expanded my palate and inspired in me a love for cooking. As I began to create recipes, I’d post photos of my food on my Facebook page. For months, my friends told me to please start a blog so they could re-create my dishes. I finally obliged and that’s how One Happy Table began.


What kind of foods will have a happy table that you make for you loved ones?

My family enjoys simple, whole foods the most. Our favorite season to go food shopping here in California is in the summer. Our farmers markets are blooming with fresh, flavorful fruits and vegetables. My kids and I like to search for our favorites as well as try some new things. We bring them home and do very minimal preparation. Some things are eaten raw; others are roasted then drizzled with a little olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. There’s no food that makes our tummies happier than fresh foods picked right from the garden.

One of your best recipes is…?

My family and friends go crazy for my Rainbow Noodle Salad. It’s colorful, refreshing and satisfying.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Vegan is to you…?

To me, being vegan is a lifestyle. My choice to be vegan affects my eating habits, the clothes I purchase and wear, the products and services I use, and so much more. My choice to be vegan came from a newfound knowledge of how animals raised for consumption are treated, especially here in the United States. In my station of life, I can easily choose to abstain from using animals for my own consumerism and treat their lives as sacred instead. I try to show compassion in as many ways as I can, as often as I can, and being a vegan is one way I’ve been able to do that. The animals don’t have to suffer and neither do I! A vegan diet is diverse, exciting and delicious!



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