Blogging mom

by Niki Kefala

Moms can do everything and blogging is one of this. Cassy Hodges made her own blog to show her personal style. Her best fashion choice ever is her wedding dress and her clothes tell us also her stories. Thank you for the interview Cassy! To be continued…

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

My name is Cassy & I’m from a rural Midwestern American town. I like all the stuff that everybody likes (reading, tv, movies, art, music, a good cardio session).  I’m kind of all over the place, no genre in particular. I’ve been married for 11 years & we have a 15 year old daughter. I worked in retail in high school, college, & later which really grew my love of not only fashion, but merchandising & creating a visual point of view for brands.

Why did you create your own blog

I’ve gotten away from retail in the past 5 years & I MISS it! I get a fair amount of compliments on my personal style, so I thought a blog might be a fun way to tap back into my retail roots. Baubles&Knots is a way for me to cultivate my personal style as well as share what may work or not with explanations.  It’s also an opportunity to work on my storytelling skills. As a child I thought I would be a writer because I loved immersing myself in fictional worlds (mostly sunny Sweet Valley, CA) & now I get to try my hand at captivating an audience not only visually, but textually.



Mom, wife and blogger. How do you combine all this?

I stay pretty busy with the usual mom/wife stuff (if you ask my daughter she would tell you she does all the housework 😊), but my full time job is strictly a 9-5. I never have to bring anything home which leaves my evenings & weekends available to work on my hobbies. My daughter & I are like Gilmore Girl close so she likes helping me with pictures & seeing my process.


Your best and worst fashion choice ever was…?

Oh man, when I was in probably the 5th grade I had this pale pink floral short set that I wore with periwinkle knee highs & white mary janes. In theory it was not bad, but very poorly executed!
This may be a bit cliché, but my wedding dress was a gorgeous cream Gatsby style cocktail dress & my most favorite thing I’ve ever worn.


 Style is to you…? A story. I use my style to tell my story. It can be a comfort, an adventure, a triumph, a dream. I use my clothing as an outward representation of myself, how I want to be perceived. Some of my personal style choices don’t work out, but the best stories have plot twists.



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