Fashionable Milan

by Niki Kefala

The city of fashion and an industrial power of Europe, Milan is an exciting place to be. The history meets today as the grand Gothic cathedral, the Duomo, lies at the geographical heart of this one-time Imperial Roman capital, with the unstoppable shopping, the glamour nightlife, the prestige of opera at La Scala, the Leonardo da Vinci’s capolavori (masterpieces), and the religious addiction to calcio (football).


Yummy: You must taste the famous Milanese risotto (rice enriched with bone marrow and tinted with saffron). Milanese cuisine is based on local ingredients, so try to taste also the cotoletta, buttery veal wrapped in burnished breadcrumbs, and the pumpkin-stuffed sage-scented ravioli. Pizza and pasta is always a must when you are visiting Italy.

Like home: I was lucky because I stayed in a friends apartment in the center of the city. Very small and cute but with a ridiculously expensive rent-the price you must pay to live in Milan.

Dress up: If  you are traveling to Milan be sure that you will bring many bags of cloths with you, because it is the leading fashion center of the world and you want to be in style. For the fall and winter, pack few sweaters, warm jackets, scarf, and of course umbrella. I visit the city on September so it was a little bit hot.  Take with you comfortable shoes because you will walk a lot, jean shorts, an Italian style hat and t-shirts.

The three words you must learn if you are visiting Milan: 

Moda: means fashion

Negozi: means stores

Sfilata: means runway or a fashion show

Almost famous: Come for Milan Fashion Week in spring or autumn to view fashionistas from all over the world showing their unique style, and feel like a star by shopping in a city that its streets looks like an endless runway.







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