How to choose an it-bag

by Niki Kefala

Because you are not rich and famous and you don’t have the budget of a Hollywood star, you need a bag that will last longer than one season.

  • Choose a leather bag, as is in fashion all the time of the year and looks even better as the time goes by.
  • Choose a color that matches with the most of your clothes and shoes. The black color is the obvious choice, but I would also prefer a grey, green or a dark purple bag.
  • Every brand has a bag that is always in fashion like Hermes Birkin, Chanel’s leather little black bag or Louis Vuitton’s bucket. You will pay more  but it will last long.

The ideal collection 

Every woman must have the ideal collection of bags. Check out mines.

Messenger bag or a backpack: for the running, the travels, a day out with your kids.


Big leather bag: for every day in style.

louis-vuitton-neverfull-mm-epi-leather-handbags--M40932_PM2_Front view

Summer casual bag: it can be a leather bag or a textile bag in happy colors or at the blue of the sea.

Beach bag:  are an essential part of our holiday wardrobe.


Travel bag: the ideal size is to fit on the plane’s cabinet.

louis-vuitton-steamer-bag-monogram-macassar-canvas-travel--M56720_PM2_Front view

Clutch: for your nights out. It can be a black satin clutch or a metallic clutch.





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