Escape with a photography

by Niki Kefala

Photography is a family matter about Jimmy and Lee. It is also a way for them to escape and to get closer with nature and history. As for what makes a great photograph? If there is a reason behind it, then the capture is magical. Thank you for the interview Jimmy and Lee!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

We are a father and Son team (Jimmy & Lee) based in a small village in the North East of England called Chopwell. We’ve been taking picture ever since we’ve known how to hold a camera, my dad originally started back in the 70s with Kodak which used film cartridges and has progressed from there. I began with a small Kodak point and shoot digital camera and have progressed up to recently purchasing a Nikon D7200 and a Tamron 150 – 600mm which I can’t put down.


Why did you create your own blog ?

We decided to start our own blog after quite a bit of research in to different platforms and places to display our images after amassing hundreds of thousands of photos over the years but not really having anywhere to show case them. Facebook never seemed to do our photos the justice they deserved plus there was only so many friends interested in the medium. Which is when Derwentvalleyphotograpghy was born we’ve now been running it for over 2 years and we can’t believe how many followers we have gained in that time. When we first stated I think we both thought it wouldn’t last long and we would either give up on it or we wouldn’t get much of a response, now it’s like an obsession, no day goes by when we’re not thinking about the next post or destination or photo opportunity.



You love photography because…

For me photography is an escape, an opportunity to lose myself in a place, to get closer to nature, the history of an area, the architecture of a building. It’s an opportunity to capture the beauty of the world around us in a snap shot that can never be taken from me that I can share with everyone.

A good photograph is to you…

Hard question, I think all photography to a point is good, if there is a reason behind it. Whether that be sentimental or it be for comical gain. As long as you can tell the story behind, enjoyed the process behind its capture, the result doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect for it to be a good photograph.



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