Makeup tips from Sephora’s makeup artist

by Niki Kefala

Meral Tahir, is a girl that chase her dreams and make them come true. Confidence is the key. As a self-taught makeup artist, BA/ makeup artist at Sephora in Sweden and a freelancer, she shares with us all her tips and tricks and also the biggest trends right now about makeup, skincare, hair and nails. Thank you for the interview Meral!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

My name is Meral and I am a makeup artist. I am working in Sephora, Sweden as a beauty advisor/ makeup artist. From an early age I’ve been interested in makeup and hair, I just loved dressing up and looking pretty! Around the age of 13, was when I started experimenting with makeup. People would compliment me on how good my makeup was and they were asking me who did it. I said” Me of course, who else?” And they would ask me to do the makeup for them at special occasions, and I would also give them advice on what would look good on them. That was very fun and exciting for me, so that really kept me going!

In high school I studied to become a hair dresser. It was fun since we were learning all about hair but we also had a class that was devoted to makeup. So since then, at the age 17-18 I got more involved when it came to makeup.

After high school I didn’t have a job right away, so after a few months of searching I found a job at a hotel as a house keeper ( cleaning hotel rooms ). Since my hair dresser dreams didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I just took whatever job I could find. It wasn’t the most flattering job, but it was better than not having a job at all. After working there for almost 2 years I quit my job. I wanted something more in my life. I started looking for jobs in beauty stores, but it was easier said than done. Since I didn’t have any experience nor education in the beauty industry, mainly makeup and skin care they wouldn’t hire me. So I did what I had to do. I applied for a intense makeup course/training for basic makeup techniques and it was finished after 6 weeks. I got my diploma as a certified makeup artist/ specialist!

After my graduation from makeup school, I started my job hunting again. ‘Til then I was doing makeup as a freelancer, doing makeup in peoples homes for parties, graduation etc. until one day I saw my ticket to my dreams…

A new shopping mall had opened in Malmö , Sweden (september 2012) called Emporia. As me and my family were walking around the mall, I saw with huge letters “SEPHORA” shining bright in front of me. I gasped and said to myself: ” I just HAVE to get that job!”
This was around November, the store hadn’t opened yet. So as soon as we returned home I started to search Sephora Sweden on Facebook, just to test my luck and there it was!
A store had opened a few months earlier in Stockholm at the same year, so they had a page called Sephora, Sweden. I was nervous but I gave it a shot. I inboxed them with all my info, CV and a copy of my diploma. I got a message back from them saying I should contact the head office in Copenhagen, Denmark. I got the e-mail adress so I was ready to go!
The next day I e-mailed them and I was extremely nervous, keeping my phone next to me wherever I would go with hopes of them contacting me. Two days went by nothing happened..but..

I checked my e-mails and there it was. An e-mail from them. I was so disappointed thinking it was a NO, I was even ready to delete the e-mail without reading it. Because usually when they want you for an interview they will call, when you get an e-mail it says “thank you but we’ve chosen other candidates” or something like that. So I was very
upset but I opened the mail anyway. I am so happy that I did! They wanted an interview, asking me when I would have the time to meet them. Two days later I went to the head office for the interview. 15 minutes later I got the job! And now after 3 years I’m still working there and I love my job now more than ever before 🙂

Why did you create your own blog ?

The reason why I started my blog was because I want my name to be out there. All the other beauty bloggers that you see are very talented and I know I’m talented as well, so why not show it? There’s nothing wrong with being confident and I know that what I do is good. And also my friends and family have been pushing me to do this. So thanks to them, I finally did it! And I really enjoy it.

Can you tell us 3 make up tricks that can make a woman beautiful?

I cannot live without color on my lips. Whether it be lip gloss, lipstick, shine or matte lip color is definitely a great way to enhance your beauty.

Eyeliner: it opens up your eyes, i.e using kohl pencil near the roots of the lashes (top lash line) makes your eyelashes look fuller.

Mascara: applying more than 1 layer is the key to intensify your eyes.

If you choose to put focus on your eyes (more dramatic look, bold colors) then you should not have strong color on lips. There has to be a balance. But if you are in the other hand, for example, want red lips then I would recommend having eyeliner, mascara (maybe even false lashes) and the complexion as good as possible. The red lips should be the focus! Less on eyes, more on lips 😉

 Beauty is to you…?

Beauty to me is being confident, having brains and a good heart. If you are beautiful in the inside, it shows on the outside as well.

The biggest make up and hair trend right now is…?

Big make up trend is matte lips, nude, stronger lips in deep plum, contouring and brows!

When it comes to hair it’s on blondes for example cold ashy colors, almost grey like..very cool. On brunettes/darker hair it’s highlights in warm caramel colors.




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