Strimonikos Kolpos in the middle of everywhere!


by Niki Kefala

Strimonikos Kolpos (gulf of Strimonikos) is located in northern Greece and is the right place to be all the seasons of the year. If the question mark it’s already written on your face, the answer is because this place could be your base (I just made a rhyme) for visiting many beautiful towns and villages to close proximity from here. And who knows? Maybe you end up staying here.

Thessaloniki, Kavala, Drama, Serres, Amfipoli, Agion Oros, Stagira, Chalkidiki to name a few, is some of the destinations that is an hour or two the most, far from Strimonikos Kolpos. This great spot is surrounded by 5 villages. Ano Stavros and Stavros (ano means up in Greek, so it is the upper village), Ano Vrasna and Vrasna and last but not least Asprovalta.

Whatever you imagine, crystal clear blue waters or lush mountains, you will find it here. As you know Greece has a long history. So Strimonikos Kolpos is the perfect place for history lovers. The Castle of Rentina is located very close to Stavros. It is an important castle of north Greece on top of a hill in a very beautiful landscape. Amfipoli and Stagira, Aristotle’s hometown, are very close from here too.

Almost famous:  The people here are friendly, the food is very tasty and don’t worry if you don’t own a car, you can rent one or you can choose public transportation, as it is cheap and reliable. If you are a foreigner, here, you will feel very soon as a local. Take a nice walk on the promenade of Stavros. Start fishing with the fishermen and catch sardines.

Yummy: Go to Ano Vrasna and learn from the local women how to make Galatopita (pie with milk). The taste of milk and dill and also the soft texture of the pie, will be a new experience for your palate. Ok, maybe this women will want to keep the little secrets of the recipe for themselves, but they will say a pray for your pie so to be succesful and they will spit (on the air not on the pie) for “xematiasma”. It’s an evil eye curse from somebody who has envy or zealous admiration for somebody or something you own. So, you don’t have nothing to worry about…


Dress up:  As for what to wear here? Warm clothes at the winter and your swimsuit during the summer.

The three words you must know if you are visiting Strimoniko Kolpo.

Θάλασσα (thalassa): means sea

Καλημέρα (kalimera): means good morning

Τι κάνεις; (ti kanis): means how are you?

Every day is a new day in Strimonikos Kolpos as you can plan a trip to new close destinations or you can just stay here to relax and feel the Greek hospitality. Greece has many undiscovered places to visit (yes, it’s not only our beautiful islands) and this is one of them. Moreover, every traveler must come to a place that the 90% of people that visit it, end up staying here permanently or buying vacation houses. Don’t you have the curiosity to find out why?




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