Filmmakers in quarantine!

by Niki Kefala

Can a film festival save the last standing fishing village in Bulgaria? The Quarantine Film Festival says yes! and with over 2.000 submissions from all over the world until now (the deadline is 15 February, 2016), is fighting for a good cause with the art as its weapon. And all this, with no entry fees.

What is the Quarantine Film Festival and its main goal?

The Quarantine Festival is a short film festival aimed towards young and unfamiliar artists under 35 years. The idea is that they are in a state of a quarantine, isolated by the professional circles and they need help to get out there. The festival is completely free. There are no entry fees and no tickets for the screenings. All the work is completely voluntary. One of our goals is to popularize these artists and bring together people who love quality cinema.

The festival is held at the last standing fishing village in our region, named “The Quarantine” because the area used to be a quarantine zone. That is where the festival’s name comes from. This fishing village is in danger of disappearing because a luxury residential complex is being built on the coastline behind it. Once the complex is complete the fishermen will be chased away from their homes. We disagree with the idea that a town on the seacoast will have no fishermen. Our second goal is to preserve the fishing village and we do it by combining ancient culture and contemporary art. We also want to turn the area into a cultural and art zone with film and music festivals.

We from “Dedalus” Art school organize this festival because we believe that art should be free and easily accessible to normal people. More information about “Dedalus” art school can be seen in this video:

Here is a video from the festival days in 2015:


There are many film festivals around the world, why someone to choose Quarantine Film Festival?

It is completely free to submit from anywhere in the world. Therefore the films that enter, are judged only by their quality. You will contribute to a good cause and help us continue our fight to preserve the fishing village. Your film may be screened on the beach in a really nice atmosphere.


How many filmmakers and artists have submitted their work until now?

By now we have over 2.000 submissions from all over the world. The deadline is 15 February, 2016. It is open to each artist and filmmaker from 16 up to 35 years. You can submit your film here:

No entry fees. How this festival can survive?

The festival is organized completely voluntary. There are no organization salaries, no admission fees and the screenings are with free entrance, no tickets. We rely on donations and personal contributions. This year we started a campaign to popularize and fund the 2016 edition. Last year was our first edition, we had over 3.500 submissions from 111 countries. It was a massive success that happened not with lots of funding but with lots of love and dedication. We intend to do it again this year. What we need funding for, is renting an inflatable screen or even better – buying one, so we can be independent. You can check our campaign here:

Many thanks for the interview to Georgi Krastev, from the Quarantine Film Festival Team.


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