Capturing the memory

by Niki Kefala

Anna Martynova is a photographer who is expanding in different directions of photography. A good photograph is like a good memory for her and the patience and hope is the key for a perfect capture. Thank you for the interview Anna!

First of all I would like you to introduce yourself.

I am Anna, Russian-Swiss photographer and a person of many interests and hobbies. They wary from sports, astronomy to drawing. My biggest inspiration is Leonardo Da Vinci, who as known, tried himself in different fields. So am I, currently expanding in different directions of photography such as fashion and astrophotography.

Why did you create your own blog ?

Out of all my passions, I am most advanced in photography. My blog is my motivation to keep on going. Sometimes I lose confidence in my skills, but while looking at the blog I feel that I am not that hopeless :-). It also allows me to see and show my progress to others. Meeting new people and clients comes as a bonus 😉

You love photography because…

It is a great way to capture the best moments of the life. And with every photo I keep a memory of either waking up at 4 a.m. to make it or 100 photos I took before the perfect shot.

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What makes a great photograph?

A well thought through one. I haven’t mastered that, yet. Attention should be paid to all elements you include and exclude, colors, the time of the day or position of the light/flash. The angle from which the photo is taken. The list can goes on, but what is most important is not to lose patience and hope. Even the best photographers have space to improve, just a lot more less that I do.






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