Dreamy nature in Elati and Pertouli

by Niki Kefala

Built on the slopes of Mt Koziakas, the powerful mountain of the southern part of the Pindos, the picturesque villages of Elati and Pertouli are a major attraction of the wider area, not to mention a top winter destination throughout the country. Elati is the largest mountainous village of the district of Trikala and the most touristic of them all. If you are into winter sports or relaxation in the midst of the mountain, this is the place for you. Pertouli is one more fascinating village built in an amphitheatre shape among thick woods, green fields and running waters. A dreamy nature!

Like home: I stayed in a friend of mime, but there are many cute, traditional motels that you can stay.

Yummy: Taste trachaná (a granular grain product made with either semolina or wheat flour), lamb in ceramic pans, kokoretsi (a large skewer of lamb’s entrails wrapped with its bowel). And before leaving the area, don’t forget to buy oregano and other herbs.

Dress up: As warm as you can.


Almost famous: Hiking and mountaineering will probably be the reasons why you’ll ever get here. Celebrities do it, why don’t you? Thanks to the endless beauty of Greek nature decorated, in this case, by sixteen stone bridges hidden in the forest here and there, it will be a really pleasure for you.




The three Greek words you must learn before visit Elati and Pertouli:

Κρύο (krio): means cold

Χιόνι (chioni): means snow

Φύση (fisi): means nature



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