At Göze’s wardrobe

by Niki Kefala

Men and fashion blog do mix, and Göze Sener is the perfect example. He invite us to his wardrobe and introduce us to his own brand, Accessuro. Thank you for the interview Göze!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

I’m Göze, 24 years old, from Turkey. I’m a marketer and fashion blogger. I’ve been start to write my blog 6 years ago. I like to design and that’s why I have my fashion brand, Accessuro. Lately, I became popular on instagram too. Follow me on

Why did you create your own blog?

Because I like to search and share. That’s why I create my own blog. When I find new things, I just get so exciting and want to share it with someone.

Why someone would visit your blog

Because it’s mine own content that I create it very carefully.

Your best and worst fashion choice ever was….?

My best fashion choice was for my university graduation. I chose a suit from H&M and it was perfect on me. And worst choice, was the shoes that I chose to wear also that day, from FLO which is a very famous brand in Turkey. Those shoes were horrible, I just couldn’t walk.

Style is to you…

To feel free and good. Style is showing your feeling to the world.

image6 kopya


gözeşener bugün ne giydi_pullandbear_jean jacket_kot ceket_yazılı ceket_pull and bear 5



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