The pursuit of good fashion

by Niki Kefala

Josephine, takes her love for style very seriously. Fashion is a game for her, and as for the rules? Are always changing, make her even more creative. Thank you for the interview Josephine!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

24 year old Los Angeles native who takes her love for style very seriously and is a strong believer of constantly improving herself – a process in which clothes play an integral part. Fashion is essentially a game where the rules are always changing, and she loves an opportunity that allows her to stretch into the far corners of creativity and reinvent images time after time. However, she doesn’t just adhere to what’s currently trending; she values comfort and classics over mere trends, but at the same time, she knows how to put together an outfit that reflects her lust for life. Most importantly, she understands that clothing is a way of self-representation and self-expression, and she makes sure that she never loses her true self in .

Why did you create your own site

I wanted to act on my love for fashion and provide a platform where people of the same interest could come together as well as an outlet for my creativity. I enjoy using this space to capture memories and immortalize my fashion, food, and travel diaries so that years later, I can even come back and reflect on my own personal growth.

Why someone to visit your site?

I hope my readers visit my site to be inspired, whether it’s fashion-related, food-related, or just about the little things in life.

Your best and worst fashion choice ever was….?

Best fashion choice was realizing how to dress to feel good about myself. Going for tailored clothing and learning which silhouettes flatter my body type allow me to feel confident and powerful every day. Reflecting back, I think my worst fashion choice was pairing a track jacket and cargo pants together! But then again, back in those days, that would’ve been considered “cool!”

Style is to you…

Individual and ever-evolving. Style is more than just what you wear; rather, it’s what you choose to do your personal style that truly counts.

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