Stylecontour for your own body shape!

by Niki Kefala

Jalisa Giron is not the typical fashion blogger. Ok, she does share the typical outfit of the day, but she is also make suggestions on how you can recreate her look for your specific body shape. Great, don’t you think? Thank you for the interview Jalisa!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

My name is Jalisa Giron and I’m a New York based personal style blogger.

Why did you make your own site

The Style Contour came about as a result of a successful YouTube series I did 2 years ago, The Body Shape Series; explaining how to determine one’s body shape and how to style it in a way that’s flattering and leaves one feeling more confident in the body she’s in. I had no idea at the time that the series would be such a success and that people would actually value my opinion and input on the topic. After the completion of the 4 videos, I was getting e-mails and comments from women all over the world, wanting to see more videos that addressed styling for the different body shapes, as well as heights and skin tones. This of course expanded the series and stretched over to my blog, which was Jalisa’s Fashion Files at the time. It wasn’t until this past September, that I made the name change to The Style Contour. I feel it better explains and represents what I primarily focus on, helping women style and work WITH their bodies, not against it. To me, styling strategies are similar to those of applying makeup. We highlight areas that we feel most confident about and want to embrace and sometimes conceal or contour other areas.  

Why someone to visit your site?

I feel that women of all ages would take something positive away from The Style Contour because not only do I post outfit of the days, featuring my own looks, but I also provide ideas on how YOU could wear the look for your body shape, if you love the pairing. The reality is, is that not everything looks the same on everyone and that’s mainly due to our individual body shape. I never want a woman to come to my site, love my look and feel as though she could never wear it or something remotely similar. This is why I add tips on what I’d suggest be added or taken away from the look, depending on one’s body shape, height or skin tone. Not only do I provide my own outfits, but I also provide tips on a variety of relative topics as it pertains to styling, such as finding the perfect blazer for your body shape or boot styles that can help one appear taller. I want to be relevant to my readers and have them feel as though the are apart of the blog and by providing tips that they can implement into their everyday lives, I feel as though I’m making some sort of impact in their lives. We have enough pressure from society to conform to a certain body shape, which always seems to change, and so my main goal and objective is for all my female readers to feel a sense of empowerment in knowing their shapes and what works for them as an individual. 

Your best and worst fashion choice ever was….?

My best fashion choice would have to be a pair of floral printed leggings I wore recently with a button up shirt and jumper on top. I felt the look really came together and exuded the preppy look I was going for. The worst fashion choice, on the other hand, would have probably been a plaid blazer and distressed denim jean combo, with black tights and ankle boots. I look back at that outfit and think, “girl, what were you trying to achieve with this look?!” haha! I believe a lot of times, finding our personal style is a bit of trial and error. After a few failed attempts, we start to realize what works and what doesn’t for us. 

Style is to you…

Style to me is digging into your soul, your emotions and personality, and having it represented in your outfit. I like to consider myself a fun and happy person to be around and I feel my personal style tends to reflect that. I gravitate mainly towards bold colors and patterns that are playful, yet practical. 



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