Trendy for… Trendencies

Claudia Villanueva introduces her personal style through her blog, and she is always in the hunt for new fashion trends! Let’s follow her… Thank you for the interview Claudia!

First of all I would like to introduce yourself.

I´m Claudia and I´m the owner and editor of the blog Trendencies. I started blogging about two years ago and it has become my passion since then. I love sharing my daily outfits, fashion inspiration and trends I love with all the fashion community. Besides my blog which is my main hobbie, I´m a journalist and advertising agent.

Why did you make your own site

I made my own site to create some kind of platform where I could share all the fashion content that inspires me day a day. Trendencies is a space where everyone can share their opinions and catch some fashion inspiration from a particular point of view.

Why someone to visit your site?

I think my blog is popular because the content is different everyday. My personal style is pretty eclectic and can suit everyone´s style. Sometimes I´ll dress really casual and sporty and sometimes I´ll go for a more chic and elegant look. Also, I´m always on the hunt for the latest trends and love to share them with my readers. I don´d only show my personal style but also the latest news on the fashion industry. That´s what makes my site more different and varied.

Your best and worst fashion choice ever was….?

My best fashion choice ever was my Chanel 2.55 bag. My readers love it when I show it on an outfit because it adds a really chic and special touch. It´s a staple piece that´s classic and timeless. My worst fashion choice was a look that featured a knot white shirt. I wore it knotted on the waist and it looked awful. I´m not too proud of that look and I think it didn´t suit my style at all. It sometimes happens to me that I imagine an outfit that looks great and when I put it together and wear it looks horrible.

Style is to you…

To me style is what defines your personality. I express my personality through my clothes and my style is what I am. Style is being who you are. You don´t have to follow the latest trends to be stylish. Style is being proud of who you are, having a strong personality and knowing how to rock whatever you´re wearing that day.



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