Elizabeth’s… airport fashion

Elizabeth, as the most of the girls, loves fashion. But it’s more than that. She creates styles that her readers can easily wear. Fashion is a form of art for her, and if you are ready to travel, before you go to the airport, visit her blog. Thank you for the interview Elizabeth!

First of all, I would like you to introduce yourself.

My name is Elizabeth, and I’m the content creator and founder of Clothes to Youuu. I currently reside in the sunny Los Angeles, California where I was born and raised. As a recent graduate from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in English, I use various business marketing techniques, as well as my writing skills to share my passion for fashion and my personal style.


Why did you make your own site, http://clothestoyouuu.com/?

Clothes to Youuu initially started as a creative outlet for me to showcase my love for fashion and beauty. I’ve always been interested in fashion, seeing it as a form of art and self-expression, and I wanted to share my personal style with my readers, hoping to bring style inspiration to them by developing a close friendship with my viewers, thereby establishing a sense of community by bringing “clothes to you” by being “close to you.”

Why would someone want to visit your blog?

My views of fashion as a form of art and self-expression are reflected through my blog and the content that I create, which is characterized by fun and unique fashion photos, great beauty finds and honest reviews, as well as quality prose. I think that’s what really sets me apart from a lot of bloggers because I really value quality over quantity, and I take great care to create content that reflects me not only personally, but also as a brand.


Your best and worst fashion choices?

When I was younger, I followed fashion trends a little too closely, and I often gave up my own personal style to mimic looks that didn’t really match me. Now that I’ve matured a bit, I enjoy a chic style that utilizes simple pieces with intricate details. I think fashion is a way of self-expression, letting us embody our personalities in a visual yet artistic way. My fashion inspiration comes from celebrity airport fashion because these outfits showcase a casual yet chic style, giving even the most basic pieces a trendy flair.

Style to you is…

I believe style isn’t only what you wear, but it’s a reflection of who you are, both externally and internally. Style is the first thing that people notice about you, but it’s not just your clothes – it’s the air that you exude, the way you make people feel, the way you talk, the way you just present yourself to the world.

IMG_7385_副本 - Copy





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